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Brow Definer Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil (EP004) - Make Over22

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Description for Pro Definer Dark Brown:

  • An eyebrow pencil that fills in the spaces in the eyebrows by drawing fine, fine bristles similar to natural eyebrow hair.
  • Its formula is rich in colour, soft, easy to stretch and does not smudge.
  • lasts for 12 hours,
  • It is ideal for use in hot and humid weather.
  • The appropriate size. Can be carried in the bag. automatic.
  • No sharpener required. Tips for use Choose a color that matches the color of your eyebrows, and another color that is lighter than the color of your eyebrows to the extent that it defines the inner end of the eyebrow,
  • Then draw thin bristles using the lighter color, and define the upper part of the eyebrow. the arch of the eyebrow and the outer end of the eyebrow, then draw thin hair using dark color,
  • Draw a very light line below the brow in line with the shape of the brow curves, filling in the spaces from the middle of the brow outwards. End

Brow Definer Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil (EP004) - Make Over22

7.80 USD
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