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Citrus Blossom Honey

31.30 USD

Description of Citrus Blossom Honey:

  • Citrus honey is useful in treating anemia, as it improves the production of red blood cells, and raises the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • improves the functioning of the digestive system, helps activate digestion in the intestines, prevents constipation and treats diarrhea,
  • In addition to its role in expelling gases, treating acidity, and preventing intestinal colic in children.
  • Citrus honey enhances the work of the immune system, and increases its ability to resist various diseases, especially colds and flu.
  • It improves bone growth and prevents their fragility, and citrus honey helps accelerate the growth of baby’s teeth without feeling any unpleasant symptoms.
  • It gives the body energy and vitality, treats general wasting and chronic fatigue, and purifies the blood of toxins.
  • Activates the brain, improves mental abilities, strengthens memory, improves comprehension, prevents Alzheimer's disease in the elderly.
  • Contributes to strengthening the nerves and muscles, and is effective in calming the nerves, and giving the body a sense of relaxation.

Citrus Blossom Honey

31.30 USD
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