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Dalton - Sia Serum

100% original product

220.89 USD

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Description of Dalton-Sea Serum:

  • A powerful anti-aging serum for specific facial lines,
  • This complex gel serum enhances the protection of skin stem cells, making it highly suitable for demanding skin.
  • Stimulates stem cell function and cell renewal.
  • This high quality serum ensures fresh, firm and youthful looking skin. Because of its light texture,
  • The serum absorbs quickly and provides a strong foundation for cream and emulsion.

how to use :

  • Apply to the face, neck and upper chest area in the morning and evening.
  • If you use SEA cream or emulsion, please apply serum
  • An exclusive skin care concept for stem cell protection and enhanced cell renewal.

Dalton - Sia Serum

220.89 USD
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