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Fair & White Vitamin C Serum 30 ml

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29.27 USD

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Description of Fair & White Vitamin C Serum:

  • A care serum with vitamin C extract that helps treat dark pigmentation,
  • It reduces the appearance of spots and melasma,
  • It is considered an antioxidant, which helps protect skin cells from damage.
  • Its dual action is for all skin types and with its help, it is rich in vitamin C, which aims to eliminate dark brown spots and melasma as a result of pregnancy and works to exfoliate and purify the skin naturally.

How to use Fair & White Vitamin C Serum:

  • Apply the serum at night to clean skin, after cleansing and drying.
  • Every morning, use a sunscreen with SPF 50 to maintain skin tone

Fair & White Vitamin C Serum 30 ml

29.27 USD
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