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Gucci Bloom Hair Mist-30ml

80.29 USD

Gucci Bloom Hair Mist-30ml

Description of Gucci Bloom Hair Mist-30ml:

  • The fragrance gives you a rich floral scent that transports you to a beautiful flowering garden filled with the scent of blooming flowers,
  • It gives you an amazing and irresistible scent, with a mixture of orange, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla and sandalwood.
  • A lightweight hair perfume that infuses hair with an alluring scent and features a blend of original flowers to reflect the contemporary and different spirit of a woman.

About the brand:

Gucci is a global brand, originating in Florence, Italy, and founded by Guccio Gucci in 1920, specializing in leather, accessories, fragrances and other aspects of the beauty world.

Information on Gucci - Hair Mist Bloom:

  • Brand Gucci
  • female sex
  • Product Type Perfume Set
  • Notes: orange, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla, sandalwood

80.29 USD
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