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Lalique Lansumes Ma Force - Eau de Toilette - 100ml

100% original perfume

71.94 USD

Lalique Lansumes Ma Force - Eau de Toilette - 100ml

Description for Lalique Lansumes Ma Force - Eau de Toilette:

Insumé Ma Force for Men by Lalique is distinguished by its aromatic woody scent.

Contains masculine scents that celebrate your intuition, instinct and courage.

The soft bottle sparkles brilliantly, capturing the eye and the heart.

The fragrance starts with the sweet fruity notes of cardamom and green apple.

Lemon gives a tart hint.

At the heart of Lalique Lansumes Ma Force perfume, the lush aromatic lavender blends with rosemary and shimmering violet leaf.

base notes are cashmere wood and pine.

This fun fragrance exudes an aura of youthful energy and is perfect for fall and spring moods.

About the brand:

Founded over a century ago, in 1888, Lalique is best known for producing glass art, including perfume bottles, vases, and lid decorations, during the early 1900s.

Today the brand's vision has expanded beyond factory boundaries and thrives as a truly timeless brand.

Information on Lalique Lansumes Ma Force - Eau de Toilette:

  • Brand Lalik
  • men's sex
  • Product Type Perfume
  • Your perfume personality is romantic
  • floral aromatic family
  • color transparent
  • Size 100 ml
  • Year of release 2015
  • Ingredients: apple, cucumber, tangerine, lavender, rosemary, violet leaf, cashmere wood, amber wood
  • Concentration Eau de Toilette
  • Top notes: cardamom, lemon, green apple
  • Middle notes: lavender, rosemary, violet leaf
  • Base notes: cashmere wood, amber wood

71.94 USD
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