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Lattafa Dahn Al Oudh Asloby - Eau de Parfum-100ml

100% original perfume

19.85 USD

Lattafa Dahn Al Oudh Asloby - Eau de Parfum-100ml

Description of Lattafa Dahn Al Oudh Asloby - Eau de Parfum-100ml :

Morning or evening in all seasons and seasons, here is the perfect choice from the world of perfume that accompanies you with full strength and gives you a special charm and elegant allure that expresses your attractive oriental identity thanks to its glowing notes of amber and spices. Soft rose fragrance with high consistency stays with you for long hours without fading.

About the brand:

Lattafa is a modern brand that penetrated the world of perfume recently in the year 2014 was born on the territory of the United Arab Emirates and quickly proved its value in creating distinctive oriental Arabic perfumes and presented a distinctive collection of soft French perfumes and achieved high sales and great fame.

Information on Lattafa Dehn Al Oudh Asloby - Eau de Parfum-100ml:

  • Brand Lattafa
  • female sex
  • product type essential oil
  • Your perfume personality is attractive
  • oriental aromatic family
  • Size 100 ml
  • Notes: Amber, Spices, Rose, Woods, Amber
  • Concentration Eau de Parfum
  • Amber top notes
  • Middle notes are spice, rose
  • base notes are woods, amber

19.85 USD
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