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Make Over Glitter Liquid Eye Shadow 22 (M2611)

8.79 USD

Description for Liquid Eyeshadow Shimmer Make Over:

  • Eye Makeup Glitter A creamy eyeshadow with shimmer, shine, intense color and high wear
  • Gives a distinctive luster
  • dries quickly
  • You do not need to use a scissors fastener.
  • It comes in an elegant glass case with brushes to facilitate application on the eyelid and to prevent the product from drying out.

Tips for using a liquid eye shadow shimmer make over:

  • Use the paintbrush-like applicator to apply the product all over the eyelid for optimal color intensity
  • Use as a shimmery topcoat over any powder eyeshadow.

Make Over Glitter Liquid Eye Shadow 22 (M2611)

8.79 USD
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