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Makeover 22 Fix Plus Spray 100 ml - (MMF001)

100% original product

11.46 USD

Description of Fix Plus Spray:

  • It gives makeup a velvety finish and helps create a flat surface for smooth makeup application.
  • It is used after, during and after makeup, refreshing and soothing the skin. It comes with a wonderful blend that contains water in addition to green tea, chamomile, cucumber, some minerals and vitamins.
  • A great choice for your renewed makeup and radiant complexion. This spray depends on - to fix the makeup - to combine the makeup with the skin to rid you of the appearance of powder from the skin and give it a natural, non-manufactured appearance.
  • It absorbs sebum from the skin and provides oil-free hydration that treats breakouts. And fine lines - Gives the skin a healthy glow and appearance - Methods of use - Use before makeup to prepare the skin and make it radiant -
  • Used after make-up to get rid of the appearance of powder on the skin -
  • Used to set eye shadow, apply this spray to an eye shadow brush and then distribute it on the eyelid -
  • It can be used before applying concealer so that it does not line up under the eyes, apply this spray to the concealer brush and then apply it under the eyes Size: 100 ml

Makeover 22 Fix Plus Spray 100 ml - (MMF001)

11.46 USD
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