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Mavala - Double Lash

17.24 USD

Description of Mavala - Double Lash:

  • If you are looking for a bold eye look, then you should try Double Lash Mascara. Provides complete eye care for an attractive look.
  • This mascara provides you with great coverage of eyelashes that gives you a special look and an unprecedented look, thanks to the nourishment it provides to the eyes with proteins and multivitamins.

Mavala Double Lash Mascara Ingredients:

  • Double Lash Mascara is one of the most important eye care tools, because it contains natural materials that promote eye health. This product contains a large percentage of proteins that provide eyelashes with complete nutrition, and also has a natural formula full of natural vitamins.
  • This mascara also provides care for the eyebrows, thanks to its ingredients rich in natural nutrients. Many people gain density in eyelashes and eyebrows gradually and naturally, so many girls rely on it and they have become the perfect choice.

Features of Mavala Mascara - Double Lash:

  • Mavala mascara liquid contains natural materials that provide eyelashes and eyebrows with many benefits
  • It contributes significantly to getting thicker eyelashes in a short period of time.
  • Strengthens eyebrow hair naturally.
  • Gives eyebrows and eyelashes complete nourishment.
  • Significantly reduces eyebrow and eyelash hair loss.
  • Gives Eve girls a distinctive look naturally.
  • Increase the attractiveness and charm of the eyes.
  • It delivers noticeable results within thirty days.
  • It can be used in the evening right before bed for best results.
  • Take care of the eye and eyebrow at the same time.
  • Very safe around the eyes.
  • Easy to use and does no harm.
  • The size of the package is large, which allows you to use it for long periods of time.
  • It comes with a very carefully designed brush that everyone can use with ease.
  • It is the ideal choice for many girls to have bold and attractive eyes.
  • Make-up should be removed from the eyes in the usual way before use.
  • Penetrates the hair of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Mavala - Double Lash

17.24 USD
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