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Memo Paris Rochian Leather - Eau de Parfum-200ml

100% original perfume

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Memo Paris Rochian Leather - Eau de Parfum-200ml

Description for Memo Paris Rochian Leather - Eau de Parfum:

A leather fragrance for men and women, inspired by a blissful journey into the heart of the snowy Siberian steppes, for a fresh breath that charms your nose, with a wonderful blend of basil, rosemary, sage, mint, cypress and tonka bean.

About the brand:

Memo Paris is a French perfume brand, founded in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John, the couple sees perfume making as a deep and beautiful journey, and they have already excelled in creating a refined identity for their luxury fragrances from the finest ingredients around the world. Globalism.

Information on Memo Paris Rochian Leather - Eau de Parfum:

  • Brand Memo Paris
  • Gender Men/Women
  • Product Type Perfume
  • Your classic perfume character
  • Leather Aromatic Family
  • Volume 200 ml
  • Year of release 2016
  • Ingredients: basil, pine tree, rosemary, sage, fern, lavender, cedar needles, coriander, mint, patchouli, guaiac wood, cypress, tonka bean, nutmeg, Russian leather.
  • Concentration Eau de Parfum

704.50 USD
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