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Nesomato Absinthe - Xtrate de priveum - 30 ml

100% original perfume

223.26 USD

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Nesomato Absinthe - Xtrate de priveum - 30 ml

Product Description :

An aromatic woody fragrance for men and women perfect for spring, the fragrance combines earthy notes, woody greens, and dry herbs, a fragrance that makes you addictive and loves to share with others to give you confidence and attractiveness all day long.

About the brand:

A brand founded in 2007 by Alessandro Galtieri, a perfumer who trained in Germany for 18 years in the field of perfumes.

Nasomatto is based in Amsterdam

Nasomatto fragrances are for those who have a strong interest in choosing fragrances that specifically suit their personality.


  • Brand Nasmato
  • Gender Men/Women
  • Product Type Perfume
  • Your perfume personality is attractive
  • Woody aromatic family
  • Color yellow, beige
  • Size 30 ml
  • Year of release 2007
  • Ingredients: herbal notes, smoked vetiver, avestine, mint
  • Concentration Expert de Parfum

223.26 USD
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