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No 4711 ECT Kolnschwasser - Eau de Cologne - 200ml

100% original perfume

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No 4711 ECT Kolnschwasser - Eau de Cologne - 200ml

Product Description :

A world of beauty and elegance awaits you. It opens the door to an aromatic blend of citruses and delicious cantaloupe with notes of musk and serene sandalwood that leads you to cross the gate of this world and be unique in pleasant and joyful moments throughout the day and night

The fragrance has a strong high stability that lasts until the last moments

About the brand:

It is one of the arms of the prestigious German company Maurer & Wurtz.

Founded in 1972

It launched a unique blend of fragrances that revolutionized the perfume markets around the world. The company has not stopped creating new fragrance collections to this day.


  • Brand Number 4711
  • Gender Men/Women
  • Product Type Perfume
  • Your perfume personality is modern
  • Oriental Floral Aromatic Family
  • Volume 200 ml
  • Notes: lemon, bergamot, mint, peach, orange, rose, jasmine, cantaloupe, lily, cyclamen, oak moss, sandalwood, musk, vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood
  • Concentration Eau de Cologne

41.18 USD
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