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Penhaligon's Match Add About The Duck - Eau de Parfum - 75 ml

100% original perfume

416.75 USD

Penhaligon's Match Add About The Duck - Eau de Parfum - 75 ml

Product Description :

Own this perfume and enjoy the strong, masculine leather scent that gives you a wonderful feeling of comfort and self-confidence.

It contains an array of carefully selected unique ingredients that are blended together for an inviting scent.

The fragrance was released in 2016 and developed by the connoisseur Daphne Boggi, and is part of the brand's new collection.

The aromatic composition sparkles with the aromatic top note accompanied by gin and pepper. Followed by an aromatic heart accompanied by roses. While the aromatic base ends with woody and leather notes.

About the brand:

Penhaligon's is one of the most popular British perfume brands

It was founded in 1870 by William Henry Penhaligon. Perhaps one of the few brands in the world that still uses traditional ingredients and techniques in their creative formulations. The British-made brand offers a wide range of fragrances for both women and men who want to smell good at all times.

Most perfume bottles feature a clear glass adorned with a ribbon, the original design created by William Penhaligon.


  • Brand Penhaligon's
  • men's sex
  • Product Type Perfume
  • Your perfume personality is masculine
  • Leather Aromatic Family
  • color transparent
  • Size 75 ml
  • Year of release 2016
  • Ingredients: Rose Hips, White Seeds, Juniper Grape, Leatherwood
  • Concentration Eau de Parfum

416.75 USD
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