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Police Legendary Scent For Man Perfume Set - Eau de Parfum 100ml + Shampoo 100ml

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Police Legendary Scent For Man Perfume Set - Eau de Parfum 100ml + Shampoo 100ml

Product Description :

Gift set for men contains (perfume 100 ml, body shampoo 100 ml), the new fragrance from Police, a unique, sexy and very attractive masculine fragrance, characterized by a warm woody and leathery spicy scent, gives you an unforgettable scent and reflects your irresistible look and attractive personality, body shampoo contains Its formula cleanses the skin deeply and gently, leaving it fresh and invigorated with a unique aromatic scent.

About the brand:

Police is an Italian fashion house founded in 1983. Initially, it sold women's and men's sunglasses before launching other product lines. Today, Police sells many different products ranging from eyeglasses, jewelry, watches, accessories, and of course perfume. The first perfume was launched in 1997, the last one is in 2020 and its fragrances are famous and great sales all over the world.


  • Concentration Eau de Parfum
  • Brand Police
  • men's sex
  • Product Type Perfume Set
  • Your perfume personality is lively
  • Fruity aromatic family
  • Year of release 2013
  • Ingredients: black pepper, absinthe, lavender, star anise, coumarin, geranium, amber, leather, vetiver
84.34 USD
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