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Pretty By Flormar - Soft Pink Lip Gloss 05

100% original product

8.43 USD

Pretty By Flormar - Soft Pink Lip Gloss 05

Product Description :

Flormar Matte Liquid Lipstick Pretty gives your lips a seductive look thanks to its light texture and pure color without leaving any feeling of stickiness or heaviness.

Our advice to you:

Choose the right color for you. Use lip balm before it, then start applying it from the middle of the upper lip to one of the corners.

You will love this product because it will draw attention to your lips

It has a texture that does not create stickiness or other undesirable effects

About the brand:

Pretty by Flormar is a brand that specializes in makeup products designed specifically to serve people who want to shop on a budget without forcing them to sacrifice quality.

The brand promises to fulfill all the basic expectations of women who are trying to explore the creative world of makeup.


  • Brand Pretty by Floral
  • female sex
  • product type liquid lipstick
  • Lip use area
  • The texture is liquid
  • color pink

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8.43 USD
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