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Stark Bou de Soi - Eau de Parfum - 90 ml

100% original perfume

228.22 USD

Stark Bou de Soi - Eau de Parfum - 90 ml

Product Description :

A stunning unexpected fragrance perfect for women, rich in strong notes that express intelligence, humanity and love

A fragrance whose femininity wraps around a man's heart as it evokes feminine mystery, contains the finest ancient and modern materials and plants in balanced proportions to give you a unique scent.

About the brand:

Stark is a world famous designer who launched his first fragrance in 2016 and his last fragrance from 2018.


  • Brand Stark
  • female sex
  • Product Type Perfume
  • Your perfume's nature-loving personality
  • Woody aromatic family
  • Size 90ml
  • Year of release 2016
  • Ingredients: woody notes, animal notes, musk, powder.
  • Concentration Eau de Parfum
228.22 USD
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