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Yoland Beauty - Magical Make-up Kit 104

100% original product

45.48 USD

Description of the magic makeup set:

  • A set of three magical products

Yoland Beauty - Nude Eyeshadow:

  • An amazing range of eyeshadows that contain everything you need to apply several different looks.
  • This all-in-one eyeshadow palette contains 18 shades in an ultra-concentrated formula, ranging from shimmer to shimmer.
  • It includes easy-to-use color palettes from soft raspberry and earthy copper to subtle pink and gray beige with a golden accent.

Yoland Beauty - Lipstick:

  • Lip and cheek color from Yoland, which gives your lips an attractive color.
  • Its formula gives you a natural color that suits all skin tones and is long-lasting.
  • You can apply it on the lips alone or before lipstick to enhance the color or on the cheeks for the perfect blush.
  • With a fast-absorbing formula that stays on the lips without leaving a sticky feel to give your lips vibrant color

Yoland Beauty - Cream Contour & Blusher Palette:

  • Contains 12 shades of concealer in multiple colors that are easy to apply and blend on the skin
  • With a flawless, long-wearing formula that delivers naturally professional coverage

Yoland Beauty - Magical Make-up Kit 104

45.48 USD
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